Gameplay Help

If you need help beating the game, go to the Forums (coming soon!) and ask there! It is likely that someone knows the answer. We even have a Guide section written by players to help other players on how to beat certain bosses, events, how to build the character, etc.!

Other options that you can try is the game's Steam and Reddit communities. There is also a Discord channel available if you prefer to chat!

Technical Support

If you have a technical problem running the game: first of all, our apologies. We try our best to make the game as robust and performant as possible, within our resources. Note that some problems might not be due to the game itself, though; but rather the hardware or software running in your computer might be at fault.

Please check in the Forums (coming soon!) if the issue is known: other players may have already encountered it and a solution might be already available. Otherwise, open a new post about it!

Press, Media and any other private inquiries

Please contact us directly by email at: