The Game

Action RPG meets Sandbox.

The next-generation 2D Sandbox Action RPG game.

Inspired by extraordinary games before us, we took the best of the Action RPG genre and mixed it all up on top of a 2D Sandbox design.



Beautiful worlds
Innovative biomes
Immersive music



Understand new mechanics
Find out the best builds
Call friends for help



Battle surprising bosses
Be the ruler of unique events
Challenging achievements


Different Worlds, different Rules!


You start playing in the first World. You discover several biomes in it. You find hundreds of items. You defeat a plethora of enemies. You overcome atypical events and challenges.

Then, when you think you are done, you stumble upon a portal to the next World and exploration begins again! But this time, the rules will be different, and the challenges harder. Be sure to be prepared!



Items are at the core of a sandbox like Paramuck. So we have put hundreds of them.

Because each one of us likes a different way of playing: building extravagant homes, fighting with powerful melee weapons, finding bizarre magical devices, summoning cute creatures, crafting tanky armors...



Each biome is swarmed with singular creatures. Spamming your most overpowered item at them is fun. But some enemies may require surprising approaches.

So half the fun is trying out all the items. The other half is figuring out which are the OP ones ;)


Equipables & Accessories

Many people love dressing up from time to time — find the style that suits you best!

Set 1, 2 and 3
Set 4, 5 and 6

Or build your own! There are so many accessories and equipable items that it is easy to be unique!

Set Combo 1
Set Combo 2
Set Combo 3

Rule-breaking and exciting, for everyone

The main idea behind Paramuck has always been making worlds that bend the rules. We want that every new biome you discoved should get you excited because there is something you didn't expect at all.

Since it is a cooperative multiplayer game, we wanted the game to be playable by everyone so that you can play with your friends, regardless of their skill level. However, we also love adding challenges for those that want them. And we did just that too.

Craft & Build

Choose your Strategy

Special Events


Where and how to play it?

Available on Steam® as soon as it is ready.


Butter-smooth games are more fun.

That's why we have worked to make Paramuck as smooth as possible.

Even 4K 240 FPS is an option in many laptops and desktops!

Full Controller Support

Keyboard & mouse is ideal for Paramuck, but we also got Full Controller Support on Steam.


Playful & Immersive

Paramuck has a unique, dynamic soundtrack meant to immerse you in the adventure!

Crafted by Mihkel Zilmer — a composer for award-winning films, TV and video games with a focus on orchestral music.